The Pearl on the Lake - Tourism in Hallstatt

31. March 2018    Hallstatt, Austria 

Hallstatt is a beautiful place in Austria - a small oasis on the lake. Over the years, this small village became known especially among Asians and tourism skyrocketed. The inhabitants feel extremely disturbed in their peace and privacy because some tourists don‘t pay attention to certain rules. They even believe that Hallstatt is an open-air museum and that the people who live there are just actors. So there are conflicts every now and then and the issue is becoming very present in the media.

If you take a look at the #Hallstatt on Social Media, you usually see the same pictures from the same point over and over again. When I went there I realized that it was really interesting to observe the tourists. Unfortunately they were far too busy taking pictures than enjoying this charming little place.

"The urge for individuality makes everyone equally boring"