Vanessa Szopory is a 19 year old student from Austria. She was born on the 26th February, 2000 in Wiener Neustadt and is currently studying photography at the „Graphische" in Vienna.


Since Vanessa was 13 years old her passion has been to capture objects and people that inspire her. Through the lens she is constantly learning about the world and even herself. Photography always was her way to communicate and express emotions. It is very important to her that each photograph tells its own story and generates feelings in the viewer.


Throughout the years she especially fell in love with photojournalism and visual storytelling. She discovered her passion for capturing stories that are unique and different from her own experiences in Austria. With each new adventure she realizes how inspiring and affecting the human life can be. With her photographs Vanessa wants others to be as moved as she is, by the human spirit and the world in which we live.


BRG Gröhrmühlgasse Gymnasium (2014-2018)

Wiener Neustadt


Höhere Graphische Bundes- Lehr-und Versuchsanstalt (2018-aktuell)




Matera European Photography

Matera, Italy  

20. September - 22 October, 2019

Catch Your Own Gallery Siegerin

Vienna, Austria  

9. - 10. November,  2019


Visual Storytelling | Reportage | Portraits | Landscapes